Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Randy's Ramblings


Well, here I am in computer class.
Boy, would some people be surprised.
This ole dog is learning some new tricks.
Since I got rid of the “ball and chain” (my old job) and retired, I am spreading my wings and taking off. I have been reading old unfinished books, visiting
More often favorite thrift shops,
disciplining myself to eat at home more
by preparing eatable meals, and organizing my record collection..

We all know that life is composed of
trade offs. For this freedom and fun,
I have had to learn to live on less. It,
I hope, is just temporary until I find
a way of getting some supplemental
income. One advantage from this time
in my life is that I don’t have to pick
just anything or the first thing that looks promising. I know that descriptions of some jobs are glamorized to motivate people to apply for their positions.

Those that live in Chicago are lucky
because of all the activities that are available. I could get other activities,
such as, a free massage, participate
in play reading, music programs and book groups.

This is a mixed bag of joy and frustration because a choice has to be made given human time and energy limitations.

PRK 03/22/09

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